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EMJ² Studios is a platform promoting both skill and pleasure in the graphic arts.

In other words, we’re passionate about design…

Many people typically just hope to get their dream job. For us, EMJ² Studios is that dream! Imagine a grocery clerk, a waiter/waitress, even a bus driver that loved their job. Can you imagine how friendly, courteous, and competent that person would be? Well, that’s what you can expect here. Our designs are fresh, innovative, and successful – all because we love what we do!

…and we’re always looking for opportunities to get better at it!

EMJ² Studios is a reflection, not only of our skill but clients who foster our potential. We work with brands – building, shaping, and promoting them through print media, web design, and many other mediums of advertisement and presentation. Our pride rests in our ability to accurately capture the vision of our clients and translate their message into captivating visual stimuli.

Featured Work

Tree of Life Worship Center

Web Design & Development
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Caribbean Fashion Week

Ad Design
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Janelle Monae

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Marymount University

Logo Design
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